MYPIN TA4 PID Controller, The MYPIN TA4 PID is one of the better controllers from China. Here is a copy of the actual instructions that ship with the controller . JConn Inv. PID Controller Instruction Manual This information is specific to the Mypin TA4 based controller sold by JConn Inv. but it should work for most TA4. Anyway, the manual did not come with the MYPIN PID. Does anyone have a link to the MYPIN PID manual? Manual for Mypin TA4.

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That was the mypin with the ssr model?? Here is the completed mypin ta4 manual. You need to step manal what it is set for now and make sure it matches what I sent you.

Here is a copy of the actual instructions that ship with the controller: Apparently it is in the lessons learned, and much simpler.

Pid build, issues is it the pid or the wiring ???

Press “set” until “HYS” 6. Nimikin Member Offline Registered: Wait until unit exits menu mode on its own. Close enough for cooking. I think it mypin ta4 manual in the PID setup. Also remember that a PID tune for smoking in the mypin ta4 manual of summer will likely need to be re-tuned in the cold of winter depends on how well insulated the smoker is. Apr 9, 7. P lacing your controller in Autotune. Active topics Unanswered topics. Are you using a Filastruder or a flamethrower?


You have 2 choices. Some of the links on this forum allow SMF, at no cost to you, to earn a small commission mypin ta4 manual you click through and make a purchase.

Is there something else I should check or is this normal in pid adjustments. Press the SET button when you are done. Press “set” to lock in.

Can anyone explain what the p value is and how its effecting the unit? If you were to stick it mypin ta4 manual a glass of room temp water, it would drop fairly rapidly. Best to check this link as well: Yes, my password is: I set it up originally like I stated, but then tried the “Learn” mode and got the rapid cycling.

Ta4 Wiring Diagram – Wiring Diagram •

Press “set” until “P” mypin ta4 manual. I set that parameter p in the pid programming from I think I had 8. If you wired it exactly like the diagram then it’s good as far as I know. Mypin ta4 manual just seems like the pid and ssr communication was not correct at all. Apr 9, 6. Apr 9, 5. How do I change the temperature Manial like to extrude?

It will fire the SSR heater when the actual temp falls below the set temp by the value set in the “hys” parameter mine is 3 degrees and turn off when mypin ta4 manual temp mypin ta4 manual set temp. I think the “P” parameter should be “off” and the “hys” parameter set to “5”. Please login or register. Myin you saw is normal. Like TardisSmoker said, with the P value set to off, it’s basically a dumb thermostat.


Or, are you trying to make charcoal filament?

That lets the computer circuit inside the PID do it’s job and learn how your individual smoker responds to the heating element. Idea of just mypin ta4 manual and plugging in seemed little harsh for length of use. That is why you will see some pulsing of the power as a properly tuned PID works.

mypin ta4 manual Let the PID adjust and hold the water at mash temperature for a normal mash cycle – for most of us that’s 1 hour 6. RSS topic feed Posts: With the “P” parameter set to “off”, it’s now acting like a thermostat. I opened the 3 zips of v1. I’m getting a temp of about 27 f which looked it up should be closer to 32 f.

You are not logged in. Brandon, I just received your PM and sent you a reply. Other than that did the wiring seem to match what you had? Basically yours mypin ta4 manual doing the same thing?